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Schedule a vehicle shipment with Car Transport Service, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is! We’re the best car shipping company for any job. From car pick up to car delivery, we earn your trust.

Get started now with our free, instant online car transport quote tool.

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With our vetted car carrier network of 59,000+ drivers, we arrange car transportation services in every corner of the United States.

Sell a Car Online

Our direct door-to-door car shipping services connect buyers and sellers all over the country.

Household Moving

We’re not just an auto transport company. We coordinate with top moving companies and pod storage providers to help you ease into your new home.

3 Steps to Book with an Auto Transport Company

Find a car transport company that puts you and your schedule first.

When you research to find the best auto transport company for you, never settle for less. If an auto shipping company doesn’t strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction, they’re not worth your time. At Auto Transport Services, our customer-focused approach is designed to prioritize you and your vehicle at every turn. We know you’re busy. We’re here to help.

Provide your vehicle transport company with key information about your car shipment.

A reputable auto transportation company will only require the most pertinent information about your order to book a shipment. This includes the zip codes of your pickup and delivery locations, the make and model of your car, and special considerations such as enclosed car hauling service .

Book online or call your auto transport company directly.

Car Transport Services has streamlined the online booking process with our state-of-the-art instant vehicle shipping cost calculator. In seconds, you can choose the right auto shipping quote for you and book a shipment that works with your schedule. If you have questions or want to book your shipment with one of our experts, feel free to contact us anytime at 224-218-2949. We’ll be happy to assist.

Step 1
Schedule a vehicle shipment with Car Transport Service.
Instantly schedule your order with the best car transportation company around.
Step 2

We pick up your car, and the journey begins.

Our professional auto transport team will meet you at a pickup spot of your choosing.

Step 3

We deliver your car. It’s that simple.

We’re the best auto movers for a reason. We get things done with no fuss and no stress.

Step 1
Schedule a vehicle shipment with Car Transport Service​

The best car transport service, make scheduling shipments simple. That’s what we do.


Enter your car pickup and car delivery zip codes


Select your vehicle type and size


Choose between open or enclosed auto transport

Step 2
We pick up your vehicle and the
vehicle transport journey begins.

Our expert Car Transport coordinators are standing by to book your spot with one of our experienced, safe vehicle transporters.


Prep your vehicle for car hauling by cleaning it inside and out.


Remove all personal items, disable alarms, and ensure your car has a quarter to half tank of gas.


A driver dispatched by Car Transport Service will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, and off it goes!

Step 3
Our car hauling service
delivers your vehicle to its destination.
We’re a vehicle shipping company built for you. You can contact your car transporter at any time for info about your vehicle shipment.


You can even pay your vehicle shipment balance upon arrival.


Your driver will conduct a final vehicle inspection with you.


Just sign off on a Bill of Landing, and you’re done!

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5 Reasons To Choose Car Transport Service

Transport your vehicle with limited stress and cost-efficient car hauling. Here’s why Car Transport Service is one of the best car transport companies in the United States.

Instant Nationwide Car Shipping Quotes

No matter if you’re shipping a car across the country or to a neighboring state, we calculate auto transport cost faster than any other car moving company.

Car Transport Services From Industry Experts

Our team of car delivery service experts takes vehicle shipping to a whole new level. We're not just car movers. We're car lovers with a knack for reliable car transport service. That's the mark of a top-shelf auto transport company.

Top-Rated Vehicle Shipping Services

Our auto transport services satisfy tens of thousands of customers each year. When you need a five-star vehicle transport company, look no further than Car Transport Service. We strive every day to earn our reputation as the best car shipping company in the US.

Auto Transport Solutions For Everyone

Whether you're moving for school or buying a car from an online car auction, we have vehicle transport services for every customer and every need.

Safer Than Shipping A Car Yourself

Don't rely on a car dolly for your vehicle shipping needs. Instead, choose the most reliable car shipping company in the United States! Your vehicle is fully covered with cargo insurance when you ship a car with our private transportation service.

car 1

Instantly calculate your car shipping cost.

Our mission is to simplify our car transportation services to benefit you. No headaches. No games. We're the best car moving company because we value your time. Calculating your car shipping cost is no exception. When you use our blazing-fast on-site cost calculator, you’ll get a competitive vehicle shipping quote in just seconds. No playing phone tag with a private transportation service or waiting on an email that never comes. We set the bar for auto transport companies with the speed and accuracy of our comprehensive auto shipping quotes. You should demand more from the car transport companies you book with. We give you more, quicker.

Car Transport Service made easy

Just enter your pickup location, delivery location, and car's make and model into our vehicle shipping cost calculator. In moments, we'll give you three different auto transport quotes -- a Standard quote, an Accelerated quote, and an Enclosed quote. Just pick the one that fits your situation and you're ready to go! Best of all, we don’t squeeze our clients with hidden extras and bogus charges unlike other less reputable car transport companies. The price you see is the price you pay. Auto transport quotes made simple by an auto shipping company that cares about your needs. That's the Car Transport Service difference.​

How is your vehicle transport fee calculated?

The size and weight of your vehicle

Distance between vehicle pickup and delivery

Choosing open or closed car transport

The condition of your vehicle

Your Car Shipping Questions Answered

Shipping a car depends on several factors like the type of service you choose, availability of the driver, weather, and accessibility of the pickup and delivery locations. Typically, independent auto transport drivers travel around 500 miles per day, and shipping a car across the country usually takes around 5-7 days. If you factor in the time it takes to order the shipment and pickup your car, you can get a good estimate of how long it will take. It’s essential to choose a transparent car hauling company like Nexus Auto Transport to avoid any inconvenience. Don’t settle for less, only book with car transportation companies that are upfront and honest about timing.

The cost of shipping a car is calculated based on various factors that affect your particular auto shipment. These factors include the distance your car is traveling, whether you need faster delivery or not, the type, condition, size, and weight of your vehicle, the time of year you ship it, and whether you choose open or closed transport. To get an accurate quote quickly and easily, use our instant auto transport price calculator, which provides you with a free, anonymous vehicle shipping quote within seconds, 24/7/365. At our affordable cat transport company, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective, high-quality car transport services.

To ship a car direct safely and securely with professional car shipping companies, it must be cleaned and properly prepared for vehicle transport. Clean your vehicle inside and out. Removing excess dirt and grime makes it easier for us to provide the best car transport service possible. Also, ensure your vehicle has at least a quarter tank of gas for safely loading and unloading it from a car carrier. If you’re aware of preexisting damages, notate them and share them with your driver during your vehicle pickup. Remove all personal items unless there are special circumstances (signed off on by the driver for an additional fee) that dictate otherwise. The cleaner and more prepared your car is to ship with car haulers companies, the easier it will be for those auto transport services to move your car!

Yes, all our vehicle shipping quotes, whether obtained through consultation or our online auto shipping price calculator, include full auto cargo insurance throughout your automobile’s shipment. As professional auto transporters, we believe this is a must-have for all our customers. If you have any questions regarding our vehicle cargo insurance policy, you can contact us at 123-456-7890 or chat with one of our online vehicle shipping service specialists. Safety is a top priority for us, and we partner with only the best, licensed private car haulers on the road today to ensure your vehicle is in good hands.

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